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Organizational Leaders

Five Tech Industry Trends Drive by COVID-19
Managing Partners Steve Shoemake and JT Turba take to the stage to discuss tech industry trends driven by the pandemic.

Virtual Onboarding - Creating a Magical Moment
A common misconception is that onboarding is strictly Human Resources' responsibility. Now, more than ever before, we need to step away from this belief. Talent Solutions Advisor, Meagan Krift, shares the five best practices for onboarding in a virtual world as told by our trusted clients.

Career Transitions in the Wake of COVID
Managing Partner,
Joe Laugherty joins Middle Market Growth’s Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Mulligan in a recent installment of GrowthTV. As co-creator of the ACG’s Executives in Transition Roundtable Program, Joe is particularly in tune with market trends and offers advice for senior level professionals who are going through career transitions. Check it out here.

Defining Tech Debt 2.0
Managing Partner, Chris Persiani sits down with Author and CEO of IT Ally Institute, Michael Fillios to define Tech Debt 2.0, and how to measure deficiencies and make smarter technology investments. Check out the 45 minute video interview here.

Technology ROI - Beyond the Math
Practice Leader, Jim Black shares his thoughts on Technology ROI as a continuation of Vaco’s “Technology Overload” series, which has spoken to several technology topics, such as Digital Transformation, Enterprise Applications, and Technical Debt. Read the Article.

Let's Get Technical

Creating Solutions with Python
Calling all developers! Senior Business Intelligence Consultant, Wilson Becker, tackles a real-life problem by building out three different solutions using the versatile and in-demand programming language, Python. From the initial brainstorm to examples of work, Wilson shares his process, exposing the nitty gritty details.

Demystifying Roles within an IT Organization
Premier Vaco Consultant and Product Manager, Jennifer Kidd, PSPO, PSM talks about her experience as a Product Manager and demystifies 5 roles within an IT Organization.

Data Modernization - Vaco's Virtual BI Series
Vaco's VP of Delivery and Data Enthusiast, Brian Henn and VP of IT from Gorilla Glue, Joe Rogan discuss data stewardship, improving your quality of data, and modern data architecture.

Success Stories

Check out the team of experts that's making it happen for companies across the region by visiting our Solutions Hub.

Manufacturing - ERP System Upgrade
The situation was simple – if a 25 year old ERP system goes down, it won’t come back up and will shut down operations at two facilities, impacting nearly 40% of the revenue stream. See how Vaco increased team engagement and met what seemed like impossible deadlines.

Merger and Acquisition
A client was going through their first major acquisition in over a decade, undergoing a major expansion into a new market which would significantly change the product offering in the long run. Learn more about the tools and framework used to successfully integrate with ease.

Boutique Private-Equity Firm - Business Transformation Amidst a Recession
Vaco took a unique approach to a company problem during a challenging time. With leverage not being an option, the company had to look inward. The solution led to a redirection of funds. Find out how, here.

HRIS System Implementation
A long-term client was tackling both an HR System Change and an HRIS System Implementation... at the same time. Visibility and urgency for the project allowed no room for error. Less than 0.5% of 50,000 people were impacted. Learn more about Vaco's approach.

Banking - Acquisition Integration
A large banking company was undergoing its biggest acquisition to date. Vaco placed one of our Senior Engagement Directors on the program to identify a path forward. Learn about the solution implemented which helped the client save $750k.

Payroll Solutions - Modern Data Architecture
With over 30,000 small to mid-sized businesses across all 50 states, this large organization was still operating on a legacy system to manage its data. A re-architecting of the entire end-to-end flow was desired. Find out which platform was used as an upgrade.

Global Fortune 50 - Cyber Security Policy Framework
To avoid regulatory scrutiny and penalties related to data privacy, this organization leveraged Vaco's expertise and resources. Find out how.

$60B Nutrition Company - IT SOX Controls
This company was going public and needed to be in compliance with a long list of legislation with a quickly approaching deadline. Vaco stepped in to implement and verify the effectiveness of all required IT SOX controls. Read more here.

Private Equity Backed Organization - ERP Software Platform
This $65M Industrial Services Company's application systems, data, and back-end IT systems were error prone and poor performing. Vaco's team of experts led the evaluation and selection of a new ERP software platform. Catch the details here.

Project Portfolio Prioritization
See how this organization's Agile IT teams gained velocity while going through an acquisition and business transformation. Check out Vaco's solution here.

Knowledge Center

White Papers

KPI WBS - Measurement Framework for Managing Enterprise Change
KPIs help tell us if change is needed. The challenge with KPIs is that either they only partially exist or there are too many to make decisions effectively. Many companies have struggled establishing an effective and efficient KPI framework that would give the right level of visibility into the business performance without overwhelming people with endless reporting and without creating analysis paralysis. To help solve this problem, we recommend a simple KPI Framework. Learn more here.

What Business Are You In?
Do you know what business your company is in? Seriously, how clear are you about what problem your company solves in the world, in the community, by being in existence? Understanding what real-world problems that your company is solving is the first step to prioritizing projects. See what we mean here.