A Vaco Checklist

Virtual Team Building Activities Checklist: Connecting From Anywhere

The widespread transition to remote and hybrid work models means traditional team building needs a refresh. 

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Update your team building strategies for the remote workplace.

Remote and hybrid work models aren't going anywhere ... and neither is the need for effective team building. Without the close quarters of the office space, team building activities can feel a little more challenging, but with the right planning and intention, they can be just as rewarding. Our checklist outlines 15 unique activities for remote team collaboration, engagement, and celebration.

What’s inside? Find out ...

✓ Why effective virtual team building is so important

✓ Fun virtual activities to encourage collaboration among remote team members

✓ Thought-provoking virtual exercises to drive engagement

✓ Our favorite virtual event ideas for celebrating wins and milestones

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Discover virtual team building activities that will engage, delight, and connect your remote teams.