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The Virtual Employee Onboarding Playbook: Beyond Boundaries

The transition to remote work and virtual hiring means traditional onboarding plans need to evolve. 

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Get virtual onboarding right. Make new hires feel at home. Build loyal, engaged employees.

COVID-19 made remote work a necessity for many companies, leading to unprecedented shifts in the way hiring managers and teams onboard new employees. Smart, forward-thinking organizations are identifying better ways to virtually onboardand those that aren’t are getting left behind. If your team is growing, take your business and your new employees to the next level by creating a virtual onboarding plan that works.  This playbook shows you how. 

What’s inside? Find out ...

✓ Why effective virtual onboarding is so important

✓ Tips for creating and polishing your virtual onboarding plan

✓ Ways to help new hires connect to your team in a virtual environment

✓ How to create a framework for long-term employee success

✓ Creative activities to improve your virtual onboarding program

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Learn how Vaco can help you create a virtual employee onboarding program that works.