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In this series, Amy Patishnock hosts a panel of female leaders who discuss their backgrounds in the technology industry and the similar experiences they share. The discussion was designed to help engage younger females who are looking to get into the IT world. 

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Business Intelligence: Data as an Asset

Pitt Business Intelligence - Powerpoint

This series is dedicated to conversations centered around the mindset about data shifting from utility to business driver and it's revolutionizing way we think about data. 

Hosted by Senior Director: Amy Patishnock

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The Leadership Café

Video Leadership Cafe Webcast

The Leadership Café is a web series dedicated to talking with C-Level executives in various industries. Discussing different tactics they use as a leader and what they have learned during current events

Hosted by Business Consultants and Co-Authors of 'Strategy-Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders' Dr. Richard Citrin and Michael Couch. 

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Building High Performing Teams

Building High Performing Teams

In this series,  Brad Rowley sits down with Ben De Point, the Senior Director of Engineering at Coupa Software to discuss what is a team and how you can develop a performance framework within your team. 

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Essential Skills for Project Managers

Slides - Julie Wolfe Webcast

In this 7-part series, Managing Partner, Brad Rowley talks with Project Management Consultant Julianne Wolfe, about her expertise from her article, 'Honing Your Essential Skills: Practical Tips for Today's Project Manger.' Designed to provide focused and bite sized tips enabling quick introduction to your existing routines. These conversations are dedicated to help fill the gap in your skills and improve for the future. 

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Vaco provides business consulting services leveraging our industry expertise, expansive networks and long-time connections across the globe to help you strategize for innovative, cost-efficient and scalable plans sure to improve processes and grow your business.

Vaco’s goal is to help you build and execute the foundation upon which your future success will be built.


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