Want to Become a Vaco Nashville Consultant?

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  • Ability to work with different companies in Nashville across various industries

  • Flexibility to move from project to project

  • Getting to work for some of the best companies in Nashville

  • Focus on your area of expertise without feeling siloed in a particular position


What is consulting at Vaco?

You are part of the Vaco team which means you are our eyes and ears in the field and wear the jersey proud while working for our clients. You are eligible for our benefits and 401k options, you have access to our extensive network, and you can work on a variety of projects during your tenure here to enhance your skills and background. Hear from some of our consultants yourself:

Is consulting for me?

If you are sick of the corporate rat race and want to find a culture where you don't feel stuffed into a mold, Vaco may be the place for you. Our extensive network in Nashville allows our consultants to be placed on assignments where they belong and can thrive. If you're interested in having the flexibility of working on different projects with our amazing clients, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch!

Who is Vaco?

The Vaco story began with three rebellious veterans of bureaucratic “Big 4” accounting and staffing mega-conglomerates. Together, they set out to build a new kind of recruiting company: a place where the best and brightest would be free to reach their full potential, a place built on an uncommon culture that values personal empowerment and fierce entrepreneurial spirit and a place that has truly become like family.