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Transformation Trends for 2022

The results of Vaco and MorganFranklin Consulting's inaugural Trends in Transformation survey are in. Find out what 160+ business leaders across North America have to say about their transformation priorities, cost-saving strategies, and anticipated challenges for 2022.
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Talent acquisition emerges as both a top priority and a top challenge.


Nearly all respondents to the survey — which was conducted in October 2021 by Vaco and MorganFranklin Consulting, a Vaco company — said they expect resource constraints to be a key challenge in 2022. Not unrelatedly, automation and streamlining manual processes also proved to be top-of-mind priorities for business leaders.

What’s inside? Find out ...

✓  How companies are approaching transformation in 2022

✓ Which cost-reducing areas are priorities across different industries

✓ What business areas will see the greatest  impact from automation and/or process improvement

✓ What factors are most important in ensuring successful transformation

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