U.S. | Q2 2023
Quarterly Market Report

The latest job market news and trends – all in one place. Highlights from the Q2 2023 Quarterly Market Report include:

  • Job growth slows, workforce participation rate increases
  • Temporary employment has been below last year’s levels since December 2022 and lost -10,700 jobs in March 2023 (-4.1% year-on-year)
  • Economists call for a delayed start to the anticipated downturn, which has been dubbed a ‘slowcession’ by credit rating firm Moody’s
  • The great debate: what the call back to the office looks like:
    Big enterprise clients we work with are exchanging 100% remote work opportunities for hybrid models that are fit for their business. This allows for flexibility while still providing for the much-needed in-office time to address remote worker challenges, like disengagement, anxiety and overall mental health and wellbeing.” Jimmy J. Jhanda, Managing Partner – Vaco
  • “Quiet hiring” offers new ways to snag in-demand talent
  • Four-day workweek models
  • Case study: nearshoring is helping solve the talent gap and retention challenges

These headlines and more — coupled with commentary and key insights from Vaco leadership.

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“Organizations are playing not to lose versus playing to win right now. That is, there’s a preventative mindset and avoidance strategy taking hold as organizations weigh out their options given the economic uncertainty. When it comes to talent, though, you have to be playing to win.”

Kyle Allen
EVP, Sales and Recruiting – Vaco