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Process: The Unsung Hero in Digital Transformation

Every IT leader knows this truth: The slowdown of 2020 and the recovery that’s followed has significantly intensified the focus on new technologies and IT talent. 

Now, many businesses are scrambling to assemble an aggressive digital transformation strategy that incorporates everything – the latest tech products, the brightest IT visionaries, and implementation timelines that would make even a sprinter’s head spin.  

Amid the mad dash to get the latest and greatest version of every digital offering, many organizations overlook the foundation of a sound approach to digital transformation: resilient processes.

Sure, people and technology are integral to true transformation, but its the underlying processes that ensure  sustainable, successful results.  

Join Vaco for an insightful discussion on key tenets of digital transformation: 

  • Understanding how processes influence resilience 
  • Using OKRs to align team and company goals 
  • Distinguishing between Agile and waterfall methodologies 
  • Understanding the value of organizational change in a digital-first culture  

Session Presenters

Our session is led by the following industry experts:

Chris Persiani

Managing Partner, Vaco

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Troy Woolery

Digital Director, Vaco

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