Essential Skills for Project Managers

A Vaco Webcast w. Julianne Wolfe

Part 1: Communication &

Decision Making

Part 1 - PM Essentials

Part 2: Conflict Management

& Organization

Part 2 PM Essentials Webcast

Part 3 : Time Management & Flexibility 

Part 3 Flexibility

Part 4: Negotiation

PM Essentials Webcast Pt 4

Part 5: Competence

Part 5

Part 6: Team Building

Part 6 Pm Essentials

Part 7: Leadership

PM Essentials Webcast Finale


About this Series

In this series, Project Management Consultant Julianne Wolfe, will help fill the gap with her expertise from her article, 'Honing Your Essential Skills: Practical Tips for Today's Project Manger.' Designed to provide focused and bite sized tips enabling quick introduction to your existing routines.

Julianne Wolfe

Is a seasoned project management professional with roots in analytical chemistry, laboratory management and forensics.

This unique combination of experience allows me to combine scientific method, root cause problem solving, project management frameworks, and leadership for project success in various industries.


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