Sean Lydon


Sean Lydon is the founder and President of ISCM Inc, a trade consulting firm that specializes in the unique challenges of organizations with global supply chains.ISCM leverages that broad experience managing organizations that have garnered awards for their performance on projects  

In this episode, Sean talks about how supply and demand became an issue during the pandemic. Finding solutions on how the Washington DC-based company can afloat while the supply chain was greatly affected

Tim Murphy


Tim Murphy is the Business Category Leader for the software and services team within the Sleep and Respiratory Care group at Philips. This business offers a series of Clinical and Business management applications, software-as-a-service solutions, data sharing, and more to aid those who have sleep and respiratory disorders. 

In this episode, Tim talks about his experience in respiratory care for over 28 years and how Philips' business rapidly increased in production over the past year due to the global pandemic. Being able to quickly and efficiently change the work dynamic remotely and continue to serve the needs of patients in various countries. 

Cheryl Paxton-Hughes

Cheryl Paxton-Hughes is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Board at Edgar Snyder & Associates. Prior to this role, Cheryl spent over 15 years in human resources and five years in project management and IT. 

Cheryl has used her background in various professional settings to put towards being vulnerable and learning agility for each business. As of finalist for the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association Leader of the Year award, she talks about how her studies in Organizational Psychological and Development helped served as her foundation for a career in HR. 

Julie Gerdeman


Julie Gerdeman is the CEO of HealthPay24, where she is leading efforts to drive significant change within the EngageSmart entity. The company's values are believing in using streamlined, intuitive technology to create comfort and clarity for both patient and provider. 

As the third oldest child of nine, Julie is surrounded by family members in the healthcare industry. She shares how seeing her dad's medical bag and the connection he had with his patients, impacted her journey in her career

Mike Cherock


Mike Cherock is the founder and President of AE Works, an architecture company that practices in planning + strategy, engineering, project services and security risk management to develop innovative, creative, and collaborative solutions to complex problems. 

In this episode, Mike tells the story of how AE Works became a blessing in disguise. Having been a start-up before the recession in 2007 located in Mike's basement, to expanding into three locations in PA and Arlington, VA. Though Mike claims himself to be an accidental CEO, he is happy and proud of what the company has become. Spending every day solving complex building problems for government agencies such as the National Institute of Health. 

Edwin K. Morris


Edwin K. Morris is the President and Founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services (PKS), a non-profit organization with a charitable purpose in Western New York. Their practices involve clients in customizing knowledge solutions and training to cultivate an organizational disposition and culture that values knowledge as a sustainable asset.  

As a podcast host himself, Edwin discusses his leadership career and the tactics he learned both in and out of the military.  Telling stories about advice he would receive from Vietnam War Veterans and how he flipped the advice to benefit his career decisions. Explaining how academic learning came to him at a later time in life.

Greg Spencer


Greg Spencer is the President and CEO of Randall Industries, a manufacturing company that provides chemical-based cleaning solutions domestically and internationally. In 2006, the company acquired the assets of Space Chemical Inc., a specialty chemical manufacturing firm that has been operation for over 25 years.  

In this episode, Greg discusses his vast resume and how he went from attending  HBCU Wilberforce University to joining the Air Force and working for US Steel for 22 years. He also discusses how Randall Industries came to be about. Seeing that there were only three minority and veteran-owned chemical manufacturers in the United States at the time of acquiring the company. 

Aradhna Oliphant


Aradhna Oliphant is the President and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. (LPI), the premier resource for community leadership identification, connection, and development in Southwestern Pennsylvania. LPI seeks to strengthen regional leadership through programs, partnerships, and connections.

In this episode, Aradhna discusses how she first moved to the Pittsburgh area and became involved with the LPI program. Following the curriculum with the idea that those who join the program learn how to become better leaders in services for their community.

Jessica Brooks


Jessica Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, where she is leading the effort to redefine and advance the discussion around health care value, access and quality on behalf of employers.

In this episode, Jessica discusses current social issues, how the global pandemic has affected Communities of Color and what plans she to do to be actively engaged in addressing health equity issues. 

Marvin Ferguson


Marvin Ferguson is a triple threat splitting his work as as a Pharmacy Manger of Clinical Operations, founder of nonprofits such as 'Let's Get Healthy Cleveland,' and has recently started his own radio show "Ask the Pharmacist." 

With his upcoming TED Talk on Health Disparities (October 24) Marvin is looking to use his knowledge to provide further clinical education and resources for his community.

Sonia Layne-Gartside


Sonia Layne-Gartside is a multi-talented, results-oriented Global Consultant that is a certified Master Trainer, Change Manager, Strategist, and DEI specialist. Along with the list of her specialties, she  is an International Speaker author of the book 'Workplace Anxiety: How to Refuel and Re-Engage.

Recently named 2021 Leader of the Year! by Pittsburgh Human Resources Associates, this Barbados native has focused her career on getting people to be the most productive self. Ensuring that the systems that they are working with are built for them to thrive in their position. 

Dan Denison


Dan Denison is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Denison Consulting. A company founded on the research conducted by Dr. Denison to assess the link between organizational performance and effectiveness through the lens of culture.

In this episode, Dr. Denison talks about how he developed his career over the years, spending 15 of them as a faculty member of IMD Business School in Switzerland.  

Jackie Dixon


Jackie Dixon is the former Vice President of the Ladies Hospital Aid Society (LHAS) at UPMC. She is well known in the Pittsburgh area for her long-time community leadership with companies like PPG and Giant Eagle Corporate. Jackie is a member of Allegheny County's Regional Asset District (RAD) Board, a seven-member committee appointed by the County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Though currently retired, she continues to make a positive impact within local communities and enjoys connecting with as many people as she can through her Facebook page.

In this episode, listen to the multitude of stories that Jackie shares about the connections she has made throughout the years.

Corinne Ogrodnik


Corinne Ogrodnik is the cofounder of Maitri Medicinals. A dispensary that views Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program as an opportunity to help patients suffering from serious medical conditions, support intervention efforts to address the region’s opioid crisis.

 Over the past five years, Corinne has led Maitri through its founding and start-up phase by securing two permits to operate in the highly competitive Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry and establishing the Company’s grower/processor and three dispensary operations. 

Arthur Hoopes


Arthur (Art) Hoopes is the CEO of Capital Healthcare Solutions, a national healthcare staffing firm that provides a multitude of Healthcare organizations with qualified nursing professionals. In his 35 years as a certified public account, Art has received his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked for an array of companies. Including a manufacturer where packages were made for Kellogg’s cereal.

In this episode, Art talks about the journey of becoming the CEO of Capital Healthcare Solutions, and the plans they have for the future.

Ed McCallister 


With more than 30 years in technology and information services, Ed McCallister is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at UPMC

As a leader of a team of more than 2,000 IT professionals; McCallister is responsible for the technology strategy and infrastructure that supports UPMC’s world-class clinical care, insurance services, international operations, and research.  

In this episode, McCallister talks about the early days of the UPMC Health Plan, and the start-up environment it had. Showcasing how the company skyrocketed to developing 20 new hospitals in a span of seven years. 

McCallister also discusses the decision to focus on UPMC's core network when handling the pandemic and remote workers. Allowing the company to maintain 78,000 plus remote workers.

Kevin Jenkins


Kevin Jenkins is the President and CEO of  Manchester Bidwell Corporation. A non-profit organization committed to working with individuals to transform lives in the building, strengthening, and enhancing communities for about 53 years. 

In this episode, Kevin talks about the four branches of the organization and how they all come together, especially MCG Jazz. A program created by Manchester Bidwell to help preserve and promote the Pittsburgh jazz community. 

Stephanie Doliveira


Stephanie Doliveira is the Vice President of Human Resources for Sheetz, Inc. A family owned convenience and food retailer based in Altoona, PA. Recognized by Fortune as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Best Places to Work for Women and Best Workplaces for Millennials, Sheetz is committed to offering sustainable careers built on an inspiring culture. She is responsible for strategic planning and execution of employee related indicative's.  

In this episode, Stephanie talks about how March 13, 2020, will be a day she never forgets. As the state of the nation and the business because unknown, team members came together at Sheetz to prepare for what was next. Saying that relying on the company values established in 1952 by Founder, Bob Sheetz is what helped the most.

Dr. Howard Slaughter


Dr. Howard B. Slaughter is the President and CEO of Habitat Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. For more than 30 years, Habitat Pittsburgh has provided homeownership to local, limited-income families. 

In this episode, Howards discusses how HHOGP is a hybrid organization; building, preserving, and financing affordable housing. As well as what is it like to watch a family gain an emotional connection as they assist in building their new home. 

Audrey Russo


Audrey Russo is a familiar face when it comes to doing podcast and radio shows. As President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, the oldest (1983), and the largest technology trade association, Russo serves as the technology business sector for southwestern PA. Listen to hear how the tech community has responded internally with their leadership ideas during this past year. 

Meet the Hosts

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Richard Citrin

Richard is an international consultant, leadership coach and organizational psychologist who has transformed client success across the United States, Asia, and Europe. 

His work significantly impacts leader performance by focusing on practical, skill based actions that leaders can take in real time to affect critical business challenges. 

Michael Couch

Michael CouchMichael has 30 years of experience as an internal organization effectiveness consultant combined with Business Unit P&L and Operations Management experience. 

His unique background in organization effectiveness, business management, and operations allows him to partner with senior leadership, wear many hats, and collaborate with people throughout an organization, building work cultures that have a positive impact. 

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Bruno Kurtic


Bruno Kurtic is the Founding VP of Strategy and Solutions for SumoLogic. A machine data software company that pioneers in continuous intelligence; a new category of software that enables organizations of all sizes to address data challenges and opportunities presented in digital transformation. Bruno leads strategy and solutions by developing machine-learning technology to address growing volumes of machine data across enterprise networks. 

In this episode, Bruno discusses how he found himself on the path of joining start up companies throughout his career and what the process is like when finding the next one. 

[January 7, 2021]

Joe Wynn


Joe Wynn serves as the CEO of Seiso, LLC, where he is building a dynamic, fast-paced, customer-focused consulting organization. Joe has over 25 years of experience in information technology and has held positions of CISO in the energy and higher education sectors where he built service-based and business-strategy aligned information security programs.

Listen to Joe's tactics on how he builds security into the company's culture, and the ways Seiso helps others write security into their policies. 

Brook Ward


Brook Ward is the President and CEO of Washington Health System (WHS) in Washington County, Pennsylvania. In his role, Ward provides leadership, direction and administration across the entire Washington Health System. Working with the health system’s Board of Directors, he charts the course of the health system in response to the health care needs of the community.

In this episode, Brook discusses the challenges WHS has faced due to the changes caused by Covid-19, and the goals they have to improve their digital presence.