Life at Vaco After Public Accounting

If you are feeling unfulfilled at your job, don’t be scared to pursue other career opportunities that can highlight your strengths. At Vaco, our accounting and finance recruiters are able to keep building on their accounting background while also utilizing their outgoing personalities to build relationships with clients in our city. Listen to our recruiters Kaylee Osland and Kristen Troyer discuss how you can use your accounting background to find success at Vaco Nashville.

Vaco Work Life Balance After Public Accounting

In this hot Nashville job market, you don’t have to stay at a job that doesn’t provide you with the freedom to flourish both inside and outside of the office. At Vaco, we value and encourage our team to find that work life balance whether through volunteering in the community, adventuring around our amazing city, or team outings during the week. Vaco is a family and we believe the overall happiness of our team will further enable us to provide unmatched service for our clients, candidates, and consultants.

How Vaco Set me Up for Success After Public Accounting

If you are an accounting professional wondering how you can put your experience to use in business development, Vaco Nashville may be the place for you. Our accounting and finance recruiters all have extensive backgrounds in the industry and this leads them to excel here. Hear firsthand from Kaylee and Kristen on how their background in public accounting set them up for success here at Vaco.