December 2021

Current State of the Technology Market in Nashville

As we continue to navigate the workplace changes across the nation, some key trends remain consistent across the technology industry in Nashville.

To get a read on the current state of the market, we collected survey results from over 450 technology professionals within our Nashville market. The survey results show what technology candidates are demanding from employers and what it would take for them to consider a new position.  

Vaco-Tech Infographic-Dec2021__cover

What are the top workplace motivators for technology professionals?

The hunt for top talent in Nashville's job market is hotter than ever. Employees are currently in the drivers seat when it comes to seeking new positions. Employers need to know how to differentiate themselves in this crowded market and appeal to job seekers. Our report outlines the main motivators for technology professionals while seeking new job opportunities, so make sure your company's policies align if you want to attract and retain top talent. 

What’s inside? Find out...

✓ Top motivators for tech professionals to seek new employment

✓ How much of a salary increase it would take to consider new opportunities

✓ Salary ranges for tech professionals in Nashville

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Get a pulse on the technology workplace trends in Nashville.