Frequently Asked Questions for Needing Talent in Nashville

We know companies in Nashville don't always have the time or resources available to find the qualified talent needed to solve their business needs. That's where Vaco steps in to match your company with seasoned professionals, on time and on budget. If you're new to working with staffing agencies or just need a refresher, we wanted to explain how Vaco helps businesses create winning teams.

Q: What is the interview process to find talent?

Our team will meet with you to better understand your organization, team, and hiring needs so we know exactly what you need to make your company successful. Whether you need a highly specialized subject-matter expert for a couple months, a fresh team to help you through a project, or a key new member to add to your team permanently (we offer retained and contingent services), we have a vast network of talented professionals who have the skills needed to solve your business needs. After we discuss your needs, we will submit vetted and qualified job seekers to you to review and schedule interviews.

Q: How does this work in terms of the fee agreement for a permanent hire? Do I pay only if I hire an individual, and what is the guarantee period?

You only pay us if you hire the job seeker we present to you. Our fee is a percentage of the annual salary of the person hired and we offer a guarantee. We typically send the bill on their start date and payment terms are net 15.

Q: Why should I use Vaco rather than just running an ad or posting on a job site?

A main benefit of working with us is the amount of time we save companies in the hiring process. We help companies avoid going through stacks of resumes and countless interviews by providing a streamlined process to get the qualified talent pool they need quickly. For a permanent hire, this often takes the interview process from 10 weeks down to an average of 4 weeks. If you need assistance on an interim assignment, we have the sharpest consulting talent ready to hit the ground running.

Another value add of using Vaco is that we have relationships with job seekers who might be passively looking and not applying to ads on their own. We also reach out to our connections in the market that match a specific profile (industry knowledge, similar company size, etc.) to the company’s requirements. They wouldn’t know about your open position unless we reached out and told them about it.

Vaco is committed to building long-term relationships so that we can be as proactive as possible in anticipating and meeting critical needs as they arise.

Q: What makes Vaco different than other recruiting and staffing agencies?

With over 15 years of industry experience, our team is extremely tenured which has allowed us to build long-term relationships with job seekers and companies in Nashville. Unlike other firms in Nashville, it’s rare that you will work with a different account manager or recruiter over the course of your relationship with Vaco; and even if you do, your original contact is probably still at Vaco. We have job seekers who we placed in their first jobs who are now hiring managers of ours. We have job seekers who move away for a job and make us their first call when they decide to move back. On top of the relationships we have built, our team truly takes time to understand the roles we are recruiting on and we plug ourselves into the community as much as we possibly can.

Q: Do you all handle background checks?

Yes! We have a standard federal and local background check that we perform on every job seeker we placed. However, if companies have a specific policy they need us to follow, we are happy to accommodate.

Q: Do job seekers actually want to go contract-to-hire?

Yes! There are so many job opportunities in Nashville right now that job seekers are also in the “try before you buy” model. The contract-to-hire model gives both parties a chance to determine if the role is the right fit. This model isn’t right for every company as it does limit the talent pool to only individuals currently out of work, but there are a lot more job seekers open to it now than in the past (especially in the technology sector).

Q: What are you seeing in the market salary wise for certain positions?

This really is dependent on the position, but a benefit of working with us is that we are labor market experts and see trends, salary ranges, etc. The Nashville market is rapidly growing and such a desirable place to live. We are able to help companies keep up with the market and give them insight to trends so they can stay informed and competitive.

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