Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers in Nashville

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what it’s like for job seekers to work with recruiting agencies. We'd like to clear up some of those questions to best inform you in your job search process here in Nashville.

Q: Do I have to pay you?

Of course not! Working with a recruiter is free for candidates. We work our pricing out with our clients.

Q: Why do I have to meet a recruiter?

At Vaco, we pride ourselves in building relationships and trust with our candidates. We understand making a job change is a huge step, so we want to get to know you professionally and personally to pair you with a company that is both a skill set match and a culture fit.

Q: What does the candidate process look like?

We will set up an in person meeting or phone screen to review your resume and have an in-depth conversation about your qualifications, skills and interest. This meeting/call will help us know how to best market you to clients and what kind of roles you’re most interested in pursuing. Feel free to ask questions about the roles we discuss. If you are interested, we will then submit your resume along with a set of notes explaining how your skill set relates to a particular opportunity and the salary you are targeting. When our client reviews your information and they’re interested in scheduling an interview, they will contact us to set up your interview. We will prep you for those interviews and debrief on each one until you have found that perfect fit!

Q: How long should I expect this process to take?

This timeline varies from person to person. It depends on how passive or active the candidate is, how specific the candidate is on salary requirements and/or job duties, etc. We think it is important for candidates to be decisive since this is a huge decision and you should get the job you want. However, being more specific on requirements does make the process take a bit longer. If after speaking with your recruiter we determine that your expectations are in line with what the market can provide, the timeline will all depend on how responsive you are and if you give feedback to help tailor your search in the future (for example, if you aren’t interested in a job tell your recruiter WHY you aren’t interested so they won’t send you opportunities like that in the future).

Q: How often do you receive new roles?

Every. Single. Day. Don’t worry though, we’ll only send things your way that match what you’re targeting so we don’t clog your inbox with roles you’re not interested in.

Q: Will I be responsible for negotiating my salary?

Short answer is no. We will send the client your salary expectations along with your resume, so they will know from the beginning what you are looking for in the role you are pursuing. From there, if the client brings up salary, you can always defer the conversation to your recruiter.

Q: What is your success rate with placing people?

We wish we could place every candidate that we meet, but that’s not always the case. If your skill set is not in our wheelhouse, we still do our best to assist in the job search by serving as your labor market expert: resume writing tips, LinkedIn advice, interview prep, information on the Nashville job market, and much more.


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