Tony Richards


For the past 6 years, Tony Richards has served as the President/CEO of Impact Dakota; a manufacturing extension partnership program through the National Institute of Standards and Technology, based in Bismarck, North Dakota. Tony is also the founder and Principal of the Tony Richards Leadership Academy, a certificate-based leadership development program working with organizations in Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Haiti, and Pakistan. 

In this episode, Tony discusses his focus on working with organizations to look at their leadership today, what are their needs, how will they prepare for the future, and the kind of leaders they will need to build relationships. 

Dr. Tuesday Stanley


Dr. Tuesday Stanley is President of Westmoreland County Community College. Joining the institution in 2014, she became the first female president in the 50 years that the college has been open. During her time at Westmoreland, the college has been awarded a Title III, $2.5 million grant to strengthen online educational services and student services to ensure a full spectrum of services to all of the communities the college serves, Westmoreland, Indiana, and Fayette counties in Pennsylvania.

In this episode, Dr. Stanley discusses what it was like when the pandemic first hit and how quickly the school had to switch from the primarily in-person institution, to primarily online. She also discusses how the importance of communication and finding bigger ways to communicate throughout the institution played a big role in the acceptance of changing to online education.

Nick Vizzoca


Nick Vizzoca is President & CEO for Vincentian, one of the largest faith-based providers of senior care in Western Pennsylvania. His passion for healthcare started at an early age after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 13 years old. He is a recognized leader in the senior care space, has partnered with organizations such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UMPC).

In this episode, Nick discusses how Vincentian created a Clinical Excellence team, a group dedicated to figuring out how to prepare and handle the pandemic.  Including the decision of taking in patients who had tested positive for COVID-19. 

Bruno Kurtic


Bruno Kurtic is the Founding VP of Strategy and Solutions for SumoLogic. A machine data software company that pioneers in continuous intelligence; a new category of software that enables organizations of all sizes to address data challenges and opportunities presented in digital transformation. Bruno leads strategy and solutions by developing machine-learning technology to address growing volumes of machine data across enterprise networks. 

In this episode, Bruno discusses how he found himself on the path of joining start up companies throughout his career and what the process is like when finding the next one. 

[January 7, 2021]

 Jessica Green


Jessica Green is Co-Founder and CEO of the award winning Sidekicks SalsaA brand that flourished after entering a salsa competition in the summer of 2014. Today the Cleveland, Ohio company produces all-natural ingredient products. Focusing their salsas to be heart-healthy, low in sodium, Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. 

In this episode, Jessica discusses how the company became to be what it is today. What it has been like to be in the food industry during 2020 and how their business was affected. Plus the ways Sidekicks Salsa is planning to expand in retailers outside of the Cleveland area. 

[December 31, 2020]

Aradhna Oliphant


Aradhna Oliphant is the President and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. (LPI), the premier resource for community leadership identification, connection, and development in Southwestern Pennsylvania. LPI seeks to strengthen regional leadership through programs, partnerships, and connections.

In this episode, Aradhna discusses how she first moved to the Pittsburgh area and became involved with the LPI program. Following the curriculum with the idea that those who join the program learn how to become better leaders in services for their community.

[December 17, 2020]

Brook Ward


Brook Ward is the President and CEO of Washington Health System (WHS) in Washington County, Pennsylvania. In his role, Ward provides leadership, direction and administration across the entire Washington Health System. Working with the health system’s Board of Directors, he charts the course of the health system in response to the health care needs of the community.

In this episode, Brook discusses the challenges WHS has faced due to the changes caused by Covid-19, and the goals they have to improve their digital presence. 

[November 12, 2020]

Matt Dietrich


Matt Dietrich is the CEO of Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC, a private equity owned company engaged in the manufacture of  engineered products widely used in the hydraulics industry. Matt has led profitable growth and execution of strategic plans through multiple M&A deals and integrations while engaged in middle market public businesses, privately owned foreign businesses, and more recently, private equity owned businesses.

In this episode, Matt discusses managing a private equity owned business in the year 2020, and what Alco has done to protect their employees. 

[November 5, 2020]

Cindi Roth


Cynthia "Cindi" Roth has been leading the private philanthropic efforts of WVU and WVU Medicine as the President and CEO of the WVU Foundation since 2014. Cindi's motto is, "we raise it, we invest it, we give it back." 

Listen to how Cindi and her team keep the momentum going while working remotely during the pandemic and how they can assist students at West Virginia University who are in need. 

[October 29, 2020]

Chad Quinn


Chad Quinn is the CEO of Dollar Energy Fund, a regional non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for households experiencing hardships by providing utility assistance and other services that lead to self-sufficiency.

In this episode, Chad discusses the history of Dollar Energy and how it turned from a small business in a basement, to providing $165 million in utility assistance grants. 

Nicholas Kuhn


Nicholas Kuhn is CEO of NanoGrip Technologies; Carnegie Mellon University spin off that produces microfibrillar dry adhesives. NanoGrip s the first commercial manufacturer of dry adhesive technology providing micro-fibrillar polymer based dry adhesives and surfaces for a wide range of product applications.

In this episode, Nicholas talks about the the plans that NanoGrip has to expand the business into other industries; such as sports gear. As well as the advice that he has when it comes to young entrepreneurs and "stepping up to the plate."

Geoffrey Hall


Geoffrey Hall is CEO of Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital, a center committed to the provision of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation programs and services to maximize the health, function, and quality of life to those we serve, ultimately returning those persons to their communities.

In this episode, Geoffrey talks about the changes faced in 2020 with recruiting new staff members and how the hospital learned to become more flexible when accommodating staff needs.

Mike Brady


Mike Brady is the CEO of IMG Energy Solutions, a power generation solutions company. Founded in 2012, IMG has six natural gas-fire powered plants in operation and their first solar project in construction. 

In this episode, Mike discusses how his career as a "power guy" has took him to places such as General Electric and Sweden. As well as current projects happening for IMG, including one at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Continuing to bridge the gap in burning clean fossil fuel.

[January 7, 2021]

Brenda Nevidjon 


Brenda Nevidjon, MSN, RN, FAAN  is the Chief Executive Officer of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), a professional association of close to 40,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care. After two decades in oncology clinical and administrative settings, she transitioned to health care executive practice, culminating with her being the first nurse and the first woman to be a chief operating officer of Duke University Hospital.  

In this episode, Brenda discusses her career as a nurse and how she came upon teaching at the School of Nursing for Duke. She also discusses the challenges OSN and it's members have seen in the past year due to the virus. 

[December 10, 2020]

Bobbi Watt Geer


Bobbi Watt Geer is the President and CEO of United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania. A non-profit organization that is dedicated to gathering communities together and creating an impactful change. 

In this episode, Bobbi discusses her first year as her current role and, leadership takeaways during the pandemic, and how leaders can foster culture. 

[December 3, 2020]

John Moran


John Moran is the Chief Executive Officer of Inovera Health, a company that is dedicated to improving all aspects of the sterile processing function for hospitals and surgery centers.

In this episode, John discusses his journey as an experienced medical specialist, how he discovered the need in the medical field to start Inovera Health, and how he sees technology being the solution to aiding the pandemic. 

[Episode to have audio glitches in the beginning. November 12, 2020]

 Kyle Gray 


Our final episode this week is with Kyle Gray, the CEO at ATW Transportation Worldwide. A pet transportation service that started in 2011 after Kyle saw a job posting that was looking for someone to transport a veteran's new dog. 

In this episode, Kyle goes into how his reliance on technology has helped ATW transport over 150 animals per month, and the commitment he upholds being helping those at ATW find the right position if another does not work out. 

[November 19, 2020]

Justin Griffith, Ed.D


Justin Griffith, Ed.D, is the CEO of the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) Learning and Conference Center, a self-sustaining nonprofit learning and conference center. Justin began service to the RLA in May 2005, developing the RLA into the most active workforce training and educational conferencing center in western Pennsylvania.

Listen to Justin's viewpoints on what he believes remote learning will become and how RLA is making adjustments to do hybrid programs with organizations.

[October 29, 2020]

Marsha Cipollone


Marsha is the CEO of the IT consulting firm, Cloud Ace. A certified Women-Owned Business in Pennsylvania that helps with Technical Architect, Content Marketing, and consulting services. In this episode, Marsha talks about what it is like to be the owner of a certified WOB company, and the many opportunities have come along with that title.

[October 22, 2020]

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Meet the Hosts

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Richard Citrin

Richard is an international consultant, leadership coach and organizational psychologist who has transformed client success across the United States, Asia, and Europe. 

His work significantly impacts leader performance by focusing on practical, skill based actions that leaders can take in real time to affect critical business challenges. 

Michael Couch

Michael CouchMichael has 30 years of experience as an internal organization effectiveness consultant combined with Business Unit P&L and Operations Management experience. 

His unique background in organization effectiveness, business management, and operations allows him to partner with senior leadership, wear many hats, and collaborate with people throughout an organization, building work cultures that have a positive impact. 

Dr. Howard Slaughter


Dr. Howard B. Slaughter is the President and CEO of Habitat Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. For more than 30 years, Habitat Pittsburgh has provided homeownership to local, limited-income families. 

In this episode, Howards discusses how HHOGP is a hybrid organization; building, preserving, and financing affordable housing. As well as what is it like to watch a family gain an emotional connection as they assist in building their new home. 

[December 3, 2020]

 Jamie Gallagher


Jamie Gallagher is the President and CEO of Faber-Castell USA, a 260-year old German parent company that sells stationery and artistry products. There, he has played a pivotal role in the "Enriching Lives Through Creativity and Self-Expression" strategic platform within the Faber-Castell Group. 

In this episode, Jamie talks about collaborative critical thinking, communication, and creativity as an emphasis on the new platform for Faber-Castell products and how they serve their clients. As well as how the company's stationery products have helped artists cope with the current pandemic. 

[November 19, 2020]

Joe Wynn


Joe Wynn serves as the CEO of Seiso, LLC, where he is building a dynamic, fast-paced, customer-focused consulting organization. Joe has over 25 years of experience in information technology and has held positions of CISO in the energy and higher education sectors where he built service-based and business-strategy aligned information security programs.

Listen to Joe's tactics on how he builds security into the company's culture, and the ways Seiso helps others write security into their policies. 

[November 5, 2020]

Jessica Brooks


Jessica Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, where she is leading the effort to redefine and advance the discussion around health care value, access and quality on behalf of employers.

In this episode, Jessica discusses current social issues, how the global pandemic has affected Communities of Color and what plans she to do to be actively engaged in addressing health equity issues. 

[October 15, 2020]

Marvin Ferguson


Marvin Ferguson is a triple threat splitting his work as as a Pharmacy Manger of Clinical Operations, founder of nonprofits such as 'Let's Get Healthy Cleveland,' and has recently started his own radio show "Ask the Pharmacist." 

With his upcoming TED Talk on Health Disparities (October 24) Marvin is looking to use his knowledge to provide further clinical education and resources for his community.

[October 15, 2020] 

Audrey Russo


Audrey Russo is a familiar face when it comes to doing podcast and radio shows. As President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, the oldest (1983), and the largest technology trade association, Russo serves as the technology business sector for southwestern PA. Listen to hear how the tech community has responded internally with their leadership ideas during this past year. 

[October 22, 2020]

Megan Storrar


Megan Storrar is an Australian native that has been working in the United States for a 10-year project to help build a Cyber Security platform. As the CEO of Event Horizon Security, Megan is the global expert in operation cyber security and risk management. 

In this episode, Megan dives into the topic of COVID-19, what the projections for a vaccine will look like, and discusses how the WFH style of management is different than what we are used to.

[Novemeber 19, 2020]