How healthy is your company culture?

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The thing about culture? You can teach skills. You can't teach core values.

“Company culture” is a phrase heard frequently in modern discussions of workplace strategy, attracting and retaining talent, and competing in the labor market. What much of the conversation doesn't capture, however, is what company culture actually is. Just a few years ago, a company could provide a few office perks like free snacks and a ping-pong table and call it "culture." In reality, surface-level amenities are often a poor indicator of an organization's real values. 

Today, company culture encompasses more than casual Fridays or quarterly pizza parties. Culture is the scope of a company's values, attitudes, expectations, and norms. It's the shared principles of team members and the unified vision of leaders. And, yes, it's also the snacks, the free yoga classes, and the charity baseball game. Together, these elements form a specific mix—and that mix can be a legitimate business asset and differentiator in virtually every industry. 

Company culture is built by in-tune leadership, engaged employees, and a shared idea of where you’re going as a business and how you’ll get there together.


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