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Here’s the Thing About Culture:
You Can Teach Skills. You Can’t Teach Fit.

“Company culture” is enjoying a steady run at the top of the buzzwords list, describing everything from company values to the snack quality in the break room. Ten years ago, company culture meant a ping-pong table and was exclusive territory to ultra-hip companies. It was a “nice to have” feature.

Today, the concept of company culture encompasses your company’s personality, work environment, mission, expectations, and yes, perks -- and that specific mix can be a legitimate business asset and differentiator in almost any industry.


A culture compatibility hire is far more likely to become a valuable, long-term resource—even if their position changes within the organization.


A great culture fit tends to stay. Companies with a strong culture enjoy a 13.9% turnover rate vs. a 48.4% for those with poor company culture.*
(Credit: Columbia University)


...And a good fit works harder for your company. Happy employees are 12% more productive than average.*
(Credit: University of Warick Study)

Company culture is built by in-tune leadership, engaged employees, and a shared idea of where you’re going as a business and how you’ll get there together.

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