Finding Top Talent in a Fast-Changing World with Permanent Placement Solutions

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Permanent Placement Solutions Bring the Talent You Need, Whenever You Need It

We’re all adapting quickly as we work together to help ensure business continuity, both for immediate needs and long-term strategy. Shifting demands require businesses to address new challenges with agility. If your business is looking to address immediate staffing needs quickly, permanent placement may be your solution.

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  • Benefits of permanent placement in a COVID-19 world

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Vaco’s permanent placement experts take a consultative approach and partner with you to find the best talent for your culture. With a flexible and strategic approach that’s grounded in relationships, Vaco's permanent placement solutions are a great way to build stronger teams.

"If you really want to build a great team, now may be a better time than ever before. Once we emerge from this crisis, we’re going to see pent-up demand for talent. Progressive, forward-thinking employers know this and understand that they’ll get better talent right now. It’s a great opportunity for clients to be proactive and assertive about what they want for their team."

Renee Fisher, Executive Partner, Vaco

Vaco specializes in finding high-caliber candidates in the following industries: technology, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, finance and accounting, energy and utilities, and logistics and supply chain.

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