Valued Clients and Friends of Vaco,

A message from our CEO regarding COVID-19

The physical and economic impact related to COVID-19 is becoming significantly clearer every day, yet we still lack so much information. It’s difficult to fully set a vision beyond practical steps to slow the spread of the virus, capture the questions that need to be asked, establish lines of communication with those we serve, and enlist the power of our collective mastermind to chart the best course for us all together. In the entire history of Vaco, I can’t remember a challenge that required two more seemingly polar opposite solutions: flexibility and strength. Luckily, Vaco was founded on both, and you can count on us to play harder than ever through whatever lies ahead. 

Flexibility – The only certainty about the physical risk of this outbreak is uncertainty. However, both people I respect and institutions I admire tremendously are concerned about the risk of COVID-19.  Furthermore, while the average demographic of Vaco would easily weather the storm, not everyone we love and serve shares those demographics, so it doesn’t take a direct hit to have a devastating effect. With that in mind, this era is going to require us all to be extremely flexible and supportive as we navigate these tumultuous times. 

Strength –  While the physical threat is uncertain, the market threat is becoming increasingly more certain. For the industries we serve, credible data points indicate market challenges will increase in the short- to mid-range.  Clients are facing difficult decisions beyond their normal challenging roles and are counting on us more than ever for solutions people can deliver. Our commitment to our clients remains the same: we will continue to bring our powerful A game to every situation, and you can rest assured that we couldn’t be more prepared. Vaco is battle-hardened through the wars it has already fought, like the economy of 2009 and the natural evolution from $0-$800M in revenue. We have always worked with clients to craft collaborative solutions and our “rally ‘round the family” philosophy means we’re used to finishing the toughest challenges together. 

As we learn more, we will share and adapt, but know that we stand strong in our commitment to create life-long relationships with our clients and that means we do life together — and right now this is life. Things may not turn out to be as challenging as many predict, if so, this can be a dress rehearsal for an actual challenge.  As always, no matter the headwinds we’ll fight through it together. 

Should you see anything that will help us support you better, know we are hanging on your every word and you can reach me at

In it for the duration with you, 

Jerry Bostelman
Vaco Founder and CEO

Additional Information 

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For additional information on COVID-19, please visit either Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization