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Vaco believes that “who you are is more important than what you do.” With thousands of Vaconians and clients around the globe, our vision is creating a company – and a world – that places diversity and inclusion at the heart of its culture.

Vulnerably leading toward a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace – and world

Celebrating the individual spirit of people and cultures leads to a deeper, richer understanding of the world around us. And as a global company with local roots, Vaco recognizes the inherent responsibilities to seek out what makes those we serve and our communities unique, and to promote inclusion.

Empowering transformation means change must start in our hearts first. Vaco’s commitment to social justice and reform began with the formation of our Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Cabinet (IDEC). Formed in 2020, Vaco’s IDEC promotes the continuous development of an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment.

Vaco’s ongoing empathy-driven initiatives include:

  • Training programs and reverse mentoring
  • Diversity hiring, retention, and advancement
  • Community involvement
  • Cultural celebrations, inclusion surveys, and other programs

Empowering change from within 

To change the world, we must first change from within. Vaco’s IDEC is leading our transformation by focusing on three key areas:



Helping our leaders be models of change and influence by driving diversity and unequivocal inclusion



Expanding our efforts to level the playing field and to encourage courageous and authentic discussions



Empowering our spirit by integrating the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout Vaco

I’m committed to advancing a work environment defined by each individual feeling authentically valued and empowered to realize their full potential. Vaco has an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, to lead change in this area, and I’m delighted to be involved.
Ina Dwyer
Managing Director, Pursuit Enablement Center

My heart was touched by the white, Asian, Muslim, LatinX, and LBGTQ people who peacefully protested with me on their knees out of love for the Black community. Together we will bridge the gap and encourage others to love their neighbors as they love themselves.

Niona Rich
Senior Recruiting Director
Central to our internal hiring philosophy is the belief that our differences are not only valuable, but also essential to our mission 'to connect people to their dream jobs and help leading companies find talent to grow their business.'
Farah Hottle
Director, Talent Acquisition

Thoughts & conversations

Changing the narrative means opening ourselves up to vulnerable, honest conversations. To explore other perspectives and see the world from different points of view, these thoughts and conversations are aimed at listening, learning, and loving.


Promoting Culture Add

Building more diverse teams starts by shifting the hiring mindset. Rather than finding candidates who "fit" your company culture, the focus should be on candidates who "add" to it. Watch as members of our IDEC discuss this important mindset shift during a special LinkedIn Live.

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Increasing Opportunities

Expanding access to opportunities for all people leads to business value for everyone. From unlocking innovation to attracting top talent, DEI boosts performance in myriad ways. Download this infographic for stats on how DEI creates measurable and meaningful value for companies.

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Defining Diversity

How do we distinguish among the key DEI concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion? Watch as Niona Rich, senior recruiting director, shares her perspective on the powerful meaning of these words and the ways in which they differ but work so meaningfully together.

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Commitment to diverse, equitable hiring

Being agents of change means encompassing more voices and more people. As a global talent solutions firm, Vaco's committed to four key values to transform the recruitment process.

Prioritizing attitudes over resumes to measure success


Using scorecards to apply standards equitably


Expanding our networks to tap into more talent pools


Measuring success and progress along the way

Vaco’s IDEC Leaders

Drawing the circle wide helps engage perspectives from all areas of our company – and all walks of life. This ensures Vaco’s focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity isn’t a top-down approach, but a latticework of ideas from across Planet Vaco. And these Vaconians are humbly leading the way:
farah hottle-no stairs-edit

Farah Hottle

Farah is an award-winning talent acquisition leader and recruiting strategist. She oversees internal hiring for Vaco's 40+ locations in North America.


Niona Rich

Niona is a CPA and senior recruiting director within Vaco's LA office. She also serves as a mentor to college students from underrepresented communities.


Colette Clifton

Colette is a director in Vaco's consulting and contract division focused on interim solutions in accounting and finance, HR, system implementations, and operations.


Lavonte Kirven 

Lavonte is a senior director in Vaco’s Technology and Managed Services Division. He’s also an advocate for social justice reform as a renowned speaker and poet.


Jennie Cook

Jennie is a Distinguished Faculty Award winning designer with 15+ years of experience developing physical and digital products, designing creative assets, and educating university students. 


Ina Dwyer

Ina is a business strategist, writer, and editor with 20+ years of experience in the development, management, and execution of high-impact methodologies and content.

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