Cannabis Business Planning: Preparing Your Business for an Infusion of Investment Capital

**This event is for clients, industry professionals, and investors. No service providers, please.


Thursday, September 26th | 7:30AM — 9:15AM

Magnolia Hotel

818 17th Street

Denver, CO 80202


7:30AM — 8:00AM: Networking & Breakfast

8:00AM — 8:45AM: Interactive Panel Presentation

8:45AM — 9:15AM: Q&A


Learning Objectives:

  • Determining unknown or uncertain tax liabilities and impact on transaction pricing or terms. 
  • What are the primary tax issues to be thinking about when buying or selling a cannabis business? 
  • What is the current state of litigation of cannabis company tax issues? 
  • What are some tax strategies to consider given the new relaxed legal/regulatory investment environment? 
  • What can be expected from larger M&A players?   
  • How can I prepare/organize my business to attract outside investors?   
  • What is reverse due diligence and how can it benefit a cannabis company?   
  • What should be considered when valuing a cannabis company?   
  • Management and professional liability.
  • Employment practices and liability.


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