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Creative Activities for Remote Onboarding

As remote work has become our new normal, many companies have an amazing opportunity to reimagine their onboarding programs for the virtual space.

Ready to infuse your remote onboarding plan with fresh, engaging activities for new hires? This list of over 25 activities will show you how.

Give your virtual onboarding program a dose of inspiration.

Truly engage remote employees with these unique, creative onboarding activites.

Remote work is here to stay— and many companies are working hard to adapt their strategies to the virtual world. Make your virtual onboarding plan unique and effective by adding activities that emphasize connection, engagement, and support for remote new hires (and existing team members). Our checklist contains activities for the first day, week, month, and 90 days of a new hire’s tenure with your company. 

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Pre-First Day

Use team videos to make a remote hire feel welcome before their first day.
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First Week

Get to know each other! Icebreaker activities can get the conversation flowing.
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First Month

Keep the connection growing with enjoyable social activities and work exercises.
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First 90 Days

Use ongoing activities and touch points to deepen engagement and connection.