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Taylor has been recruiting at Vaco since 2011 (and recruiting is like dog years, so he has a lot of experience to speak to). While he recruits on every skillset within technology, his main focus is on software engineers and developers. He has met over 4,000 engineers and helped place over 450+ people in their dream jobs. 

Taylor has been very active in the community – he’s been elected VP of the .NET User Group (the second largest user group in Nashville) for 3 years. He has also presented at multiple other user groups within Nashville. Taylor has also been fortunate enough to get on the speaker circuit across the southeast, having presented at code conferences such as Code on the Beach (Jacksonville), Music City Code (Nashville), and Codestock (Knoxville). 

Taylor has a knack for scaling teams as well. He has helped scale teams internally at Vaco up to 3x their initial size every stop he has been. He also was chosen to present at Vaco’s Global Conference on branding/marketing. Taylor is currently leading a team of 9 recruiters and has helped scale his currently technology team from $2 million in revenue to $6+ million in revenue. 


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I am committed to providing the best advice I can give for you during your job hunting and networking endeavors.

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My primary ways for doing this are via LinkedIn Live and a weekly email. Every so often, I’ll invite speakers to my live shows where we talk about all sorts of topics related to advancing your career, nailing the interview process, how to improve workplace culture, and more.

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We are on a quest to illuminate the elusive "Unicorn Factor" in everyday people, businesses, and relationships. Join us on our journey!

The Unicorn Finders Podcast was birthed after years of conversations, wins and losses, and observations in our every day lives. With nearly 30 years of combined experience in leading and scaling high performing teams, investing, startups, recruiting and conference circuits, Dan, Jake and Taylor decided they wanted to start the search for common threads between successful people and companies, highlight some heroes and offer any help or insight to whoever needs it on their journey. They hope to help uncover the "unicorn factor" in everyday people, businesses, and relationships. Thanks for tuning in!


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